Version 8.2 Update (Part 1)





New Ableberry Types and Increased Drop Rates for S-Class Ableberries!

We're adding 3 new types of Ableberries as Temple Quest drops! Time Keepers, Clear Uncaps, and Tally Toppers! And we're increasing the drop rates for Golden Ableberries!

Here are the 3 types of Ableberries we'll be adding:

Ableberry Type Effect Classes
Clear Uncap Raises cap for Speed Clear by 9 turns. Class S thru D (No D+, C+, or B+)
Time Keeper Raises cap for S Rank by 120 seconds. Class S thru D (No D+, C+, or B+)
Tally Topper Increases points earned for score bonus by 100. Class S thru D (No D+, C+, or B+)
*Effects listed above are example effects from S++ Class berries.
*When different monsters with the same type of Ableberry are taken on a quest, the highest-level effect is used.
*Clear Uncap does not work for quests with no Speed Clear.
*Time Keeper and Tally Topper do not work for quests with no score bonus.

Increased Drop Rates for Golden Ableberries!

In the Temple Quest Carnage (including Carnage (Time Trial)), drop rates are now increased for S-Class and above Ableberries!
Here are the times when drop rates will be increased:
-After defeating the boss in a boss battle
-After defeating enemies in a bonus phase
-When getting damage bonuses in multiplayer
-When receiving bonuses for time and No-Continue bonuses after quests
*Chances of Berry Bro, who drops an S-Class or higher Ableberry when defeated, dropping S-Class or higher Ableberries will not change.


See All Monsters in the Monsterpedia!

Until now, you haven't been able to see monsters you don't have or haven't teamed up with in your Monsterpedia. But, after the 8.2 update, you'll be able to see all the monsters in the Monsterpedia!
You'll also be able to check the hypermaxed stats of a monster!
On top of all that, if you click the button in the upper-right corner, you'll be able to check the evolved, ascended, or transcended forms of that monster!
*If you don't have that monster yet, the icon will be darkened.
*Monsters that have not yet appeared in the game might not have a Monster No.

Use Only What You Need for Ascending and Transcending Monsters!

When you ascend or transcend monsters, it used to be that you'd use up your monster, even if it had more Luck than you needed. Instead, now you can use only the Luck you need and keep the rest.



*After using part of the monster's Luck, the monster will return to your Monster Box with less Luck.
*Luck from any Max Luck bonus cannot be used for ascensions or transcensions. (Ex. If your monster has 90 Luck, with base 75 Luck and bonus 15 Luck, only the base 75 Luck can be used.)
Until now, if monsters used for ascensions were hyperboosted, those stats were transferred over. But after 8.2, they will not be.


Filter Library of Memories Quests! Find Material Notification Quests Easier!

If you've set any material notification quests in the Library of Memories, there'll soon be a mark to show which quests you've set! You'll also be able to filter through quests to find 5★, 6★, and reserved material quests!



View Monster Stats from the Hatcher Screen!

Starting in April, if you tap banners on the Hatcher screen, you can check stats for some monsters that appear in the Hatcher!


*This feature will be available from April Hatchers.


Use the New Shortcut Feature to Return to Previous Quests!

If you complete a quest and you want to go back and play it again, you can tap the shortcut and go straight back into the quest.


*Images here are from unreleased versions of MS and may change.
Long-press the Quest button on the Home screen to go directly back to the difficulty selection screen for the last quest you did.
*You won't be able to go back to quests that are no longer available. And if you restart the app, the shortcut might be reset, so sometimes you can't use that shortcut.

Filter through Quests in the Event Schedule!

After the 8.2 update, you'll be able to narrow down quests by type, including 4★, 5★ and spotlight quests! This includes Impossible, Colossal, and new event quests!


*The event schedule sometimes changes right before quests become available. The schedule for new event quests will be available after they've been announced on the official MS website.


Check Out Mission Rewards Faster!

Previously, you could only check mission rewards by tapping on missions, but now you can check rewards just by going to the Mission Log!


The Mission Log will also show your login and quest stats, so now you can see things like your total login number, total plays, cleared quests, and held max luck monsters! That makes it easy to see what you need to do to complete your next mission!


New Quests and Missions!

We've added more Trial Quests and Library of Memories Quests! And more missions, too!

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