Slew of Transcensions!



Hey, Strikers!
We are releasing a slew of transcensions! The following oldies are now transcendable.
5★ Zeus
5★ Nanami
5★ Lancelot
5★ Lancelot X
5★ Tini
5★ Snow Bow White
5★ Siegfried
5★ Lucifer
5★ Eclipse
5★ Uri
5★ Harley
5★ Harley X
5★ Hades
5★ Hattori Hanzo
5★ Brahma
5★ Genghis Khan
And if you haven't gotten your hands on the above monsters, we will have a Hatcher celebrating their new forms later in the month! 
Please note, some of the characters' voices have not been dubbed over and are still in Japanese.

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